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Circle Biomedical wins the BII Acceleration Award

Circle Biomedical wins the BII Acceleration Award

Circle Biomedical is the winner of the BII Acceleration Award. On November 20, the six startups in the Business Acceleration Academy program pitched in front of 100 guests at DEMO day. By the end of the session, the guests voted for the most accelerated startup and awarded Circle Biomedical with the honor.

Circle Biomedical is a medtech company that provides easy, non-hormonal and on-demand birth control for women. In the past 11 weeks, they have worked hard to develop a solid, initial business plan and the entrepreneurial skills to execute on it.

Check out the winner video.

The Business Acceleration Academy (BAA) is eligible for startups in medtech, pharma and biotech that have established the preliminary proof of concept for their research. In the BAA, the startups take the first steps towards bringing their research out of the lab and into the economy. During the program, they develop a solid, initial business plan that is also a prerequisite to be accepted in the BII incubation program Creation House. Through BioInnovation Institute, the startups also get in contact with a large global network in life science and gain access to both knowledge and funding.

The next open call is expected in January 2019. Read more about the program.

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